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15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 22:45 Category: Softwares

NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus 5.4.7 Multilingual + Portable
NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus 5.4.7 Multilingual + Portable | File Size: 14.65 | 16.37 MB

NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is an intuitive application that enables you to remove the Digital Rights Management signature from M4V files you acquire from the iTunes Store, in order to save them as other formats. The software can ensure DRM removal and file conversion without quality loss.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 22:37 Category: Softwares

SolidCAM 2018 Documents and Training Materials
OS: Windows 64bit | Language: English | Size: 2.9 GB

SolidCAM is the best solution for manufacturing inside of SolidWorks. The most successful manufacturing companies today are using integrated CAD/CAM systems to reduce costs and get products to market faster. In the past, integrated CAD/CAM solutions were so expensive that only Fortune 500 companies could afford them. Integrated CAD/CAM solutions were also difficult to learn and use, so a company needed degreed engineers to tackle the complexities. SolidCAM has broken that tradition by providing an easy to use, powerful pairing of applications that has a low investment and a short ROI.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 22:29 Category: Softwares

InventorCAM 2018 Documents and Training Materials
OS: Windows 64bit | Language: English | Size: 1.1 GB

InventorCAM is a new generation CAD / CAM system developed by Israeli firm SolidCAM Ltd (Official distributor in Russia - Consistent Software). This system is a complete solution for automation of metalworking production. With the use of a wide range of strategies offered by InventorCAM for turning, milling, turning-milling and electro-erosion machining, a technologist can quickly prepare the necessary set of control programs for machining a product.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 20:10 Category: Softwares

Apowersoft ApowerMirror 1.3.4 (Build 08132018) Multilingual
Apowersoft ApowerMirror 1.3.4 (Build 08/13/2018) Multilingual | File Size: 82 MB

ApowerMirror enables you to mirror and share the screen of your Android or iOS phone with a computer. In other words, it can display the screen of the cell phone on the computer, enabling you to enjoy watching clips, play games, and so on.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 19:57 Category: Softwares
CheckMail 5.17.1

CheckMail 5.17.1 | File size: 2.36 MB

CheckMail is a powerful POP3 email checking program, which notifies you when you have received new email. It allows you to check all your email accounts for new messages and preview or delete them before downloading to your computer. CheckMail saves time and money by allowing you to delete unwanted or large emails directly from the server without downloading them and you can even compose and send new emails directly with CheckMail, or reply to or forward existing ones.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 19:55 Category: Softwares
DeskSoft BWMeter 7.6.1

DeskSoft BWMeter 7.6.1 | File Size: 1.2 MB

BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter, monitor and traffic controller, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to/from your computer or on your network. Unlike other products, it can analyze the data packets (where they come from, where they go, which port and protocol they use). This makes it possible to distinguish between local and internet Traffic for example. BWMeter can also be used for Traffic control by setting a speed limit for all kinds of connections or restricting access to certain internet sites. It creates statistics for all computers in your network, measuring and displaying all LAN Traffic as well as download / upload from the internet.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 19:53 Category: Softwares
Desksoft FastFolders 5.7.1

Desksoft FastFolders 5.7.1 | File size: 1 MB

This system extension increases your productivity dramatically by giving you quick and easy access to folder contents and files. Without opening each and every folder, you can browse the directory structure starting at any point by clicking the right mouse button on a file, folder or drive. The program adds a menu item to the context menus of shell objects, which displays the directory structure on demand. If you drag and drop an object on a folder or drive using the right mouse button, you can copy or move the object(s) to any folder of your computer by selecting it from the FastFolders menu. FastFolders can also show the total size of folders including their subfolders and files. This is extremely useful for getting an overview of the distribution of your files and the disk space they occupy.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 19:51 Category: Softwares
DeskSoft HardCopy Pro 4.10.1

DeskSoft HardCopy Pro 4.10.1 | File Size: 1.1 MB

HardCopy Pro is a versatile, easy to use screen capture utility for Windows. It can capture rectangular screen areas and whole windows. The captured images can be cropped very easily and the color depth can be changed to any desired value from monochrome to true color. Images can be printed, saved, copied to the clipboard, emailed, edited with any image editing program, etc. Many options allow the customization of all these actions to individual user needs.

15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 19:49 Category: Softwares

reaConverter Pro 7.425

Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 287.34 MB

A Better Way to Handle Your Images. Flexible, Smart and Very Fast. Understandable on a hunch, reaConverter makes batch conversion and oft-recurring image editing simple. Every year thousands of users around the world save thousands of hours using reaConverter!
15 Aug 2018
Date: Today, 19:49 Category: Softwares
DeskSoft WindowManager 6.1.1

DeskSoft WindowManager 6.1.1 | File size: 0.9 MB

WindowManager helps you to improve your work flow by remembering and restoring the position and size of your programs and windows. Many programs don't remember their position and size between sessions and even Windows Explorer does not restore windows to their last position under Windows 7 or higher. This is where WindowManager steps in and makes sure your windows are placed exactly where you want them every time you open them. WindowManager even allows you to lock the position and size of any window, so that it will always open at the same spot no matter where you move it.

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